Re: [Evolution] Forward with full headers

On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 17:35 -0400, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 21:54 +0200, guenther wrote:
On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 15:40 -0400, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

Maybe you want Message->Forward As->Redirect.

Hmm, probably not. This will result in a mail with headers both from the
mail as it hit Kenneth's machine as well as after that during its way to
spamcop, mixed.

All depends on what Spamcop does with it. I was assuming the OP already
knew about forwarding as attachment since that's the default behaviour.

Ah, I see. :)  Right, it is the default, and it sure depends on spamcop.
Frankly, I don't know in which form they accept submissions...


char *t="\10pse\0r\0dtu\0  ghno\x4e\xc8\x79\xf4\xab\x51\x8a\x10\xf4\xf4\xc4";
main(){ char h,m=h=*t++,*x=t+2*h,c,i,l=*x,s=0; for (i=0;i<l;i++){ i%8? c<<=1:
(c=*++x); c&128 && (s+=h); if (!(h>>=1)||!t[s+h]){ putchar(t[s]);h=m;s=0; }}}

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