[Evolution] Giving up on Evolution after a year of total instability

I've had bug 267330 open since 2004-10-01.  I've tried many different versions of evo/connector on various different versions of SuSE linux.

At present, connector is hanging evolution up to 100 times a day.  Anything to do with calendars or the global address list usually hangs the whole tool instantly, necessitating a force-shutdown, bonobo-slay and cleanup of spamd processes.  This has been happening on every version of evo/connector since the move from 1.x to 2.x.

As a long-term evolution/connector user (we bought 500 licenses before connector went open), I'm saddened and disappointed to be giving up on these tools, but we need a reliable interface to exchange, and connector isn't it.

Until connector becomes usable or another exchange link becomes available (Thunderbird or Kontact), I'm moving to a windows emulator and real outlook, which I hate.


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