[Evolution] Re: Sorting out the ; in exchange connector

Hello guys,
                    I have found evolution (esp. evolution-exchange)
        essential, but always buggy, so I keep trying out new version. I
        have 2.3.7, 2.4.0, 2.4.1 and a cvs-head and have been switching
        between them.
          In the process I seem to have got my account completely messed
        up. I think it is to do with the ";" which seems to be added
        whenever I try to look at a calender now. I created a new user
        account, configured evo 2.4.1, and it works pretty well (Though
        it failed to invite a conference room to a meeting for me - just
        opened a box saying 'sending invite failed') So I would like to
        'clean out' my normal account and start again.
           How do I do this, including gconf, please?

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