[Evolution] An extra ; in exchange:// URL with ximian conector

Hi all!
I just upgraded evolution to 2.4.1 (though my ximian-connector is still
2.4.0) and I have found a problem with the exchange connector. The
connector is displaying fine the list of folders and its authenticating
to the exchange server, but when I click on any mail folder evo displays
the following error:

Error while Opening folder
exchange://nacho mail company com/;personal/Inbox.

No such folder.

I guess the problem is the extra ; that has appeared there. I've been
digging in the gconf entries to see whether I could find it and I have
even erased the account and recreated it with ximian-connector-setup,
but the error still appears. I guess that the extra ; has found its way
somewhere in the source code, but I can't find it alone... 

Thanks for the help!


      (o o)
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