Re: [Evolution] IMAP flags

Thanks for responding!

it can also be that after using evolution, the first client to access
your messages removes the flag on your server, so any client that comes
along later will not see the flags. what is "a different application"?

I have seen this behavior when accessing the account with both Pine and
Mozilla after using Evolution. When Mozilla was my primary email client,
Pine and Mozilla showed the flags as updated by the other, so I don't
think these applications are reverting the flags.

so do you use "IMAP" or the deprecated "IMAP4rev1" as evolution account
type? also, which kind of IMAP server is this (e.g. cyrus, dovecot,
uw.imap, courier)?

The account type is IMAP. (When would IMAPrev1 be appropriate?) The
server is cyrus v2.1.17.

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