Re: [Evolution] Remote IMAP Status

On Tue, 2005-11-22 at 05:56 -0500, Andrew Joyce wrote:
I am having some issues getting Evolution and Thunderbird to place nice
together with my IMAP account.  I access my IMAP from two different
computers at work and home using Evo on one and Thunderbird on the other
(work is Windows).  I just recently switched to Evo as I really liked
the integration features with Gnome and would really like to continue to
use it but I am having a really annoying problem at the moment.

First, the cached information on the message state in Evolution isn't
being committed to the server, even during the periodic mail checks it
seems.  If I read a message at home in the morning, head off to work and
then open my mail client there an hour or so later (many five minute
update periods between!!) the messages I read in the morning are still
showing as unread.  Is there a configuration option that I am
potentially missing that allows for the message status to be written
back to the server?

Second, if I read and then reply to a message at work on Thunderbird and
then look at my Evo at home the message status does not update unless I
*quit* Evolution and start it again.  Changing folders and forcing a
mail check doesn't seem to work!  The message maintains Evolutions
cached local status until I restart it.

I am running Evolution 2.4.1 on Ubuntu.  Any ideas or input would be
incredibly appreciated as this is really becoming an annoying problem.

Same here (see for a
related issue).

Right now I run Evo at home and in the office, but make sure to quit
before moving from one to the other.


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