[Evolution] evolution and exchange connector: cannot authenticate

Dear all,

I upgrade my installation of evolution 2.0.3 to environment

        Evolution Data Server 1.2.1 
        Gtkhtml 3.6.1 
        Gal 2.4.1 
        Soup 2.2.3 
        Exchange Connector 2.2.1

I'm running running gnome so I got the above sources and
compiled them.

However, when I try to set-up evolution in connect to the exchange
server at work, I always get the the following message in the terminal
where evolution was started:

        operation is not possible without initialized secure memory
        maybe you are using the wrong program ...

independent on whether I try to set-up the account via evolution
(clicking the authenticate button after entering the owa URL) or going
directly through ximian-connector-setup-2.2.

Somewhere I read a reference about libsoup using gnutls instead of ssl
causing that. However, I explicitly compiled libsoup again with
--enablep-ssl to no avail.

Any hint on how I might be able to solve this would be greatly

Thanks and cheers,


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