[Evolution] calendar scrolling - bug? or user error?

Since recently upgrading to evolution 2.0.4 from v1.4, I've noticed a very 
annoying "feature" in the calendar.  Whilst looking at the month view, the 
calendar seems locked to displaying the entire month.  Thus, when I scroll 
(clicking the arrows, or using the mouse wheel), it seems to scroll in 
week increments, but doesn't re-display until enough of these increments 
have accumulated to get to the following month.  Then it changes.

This makes the scrolling too coarse and unpredictable and *incredibly* 
annoying! It's a sufficiently large problem as to make me downgrade...but 
it seems so simple.

It has bigger implications if I want to look at an event that runs, say, 
from the middle of one month to the middle of the next (e.g. some travel) 
- I can't see the full extent of the event at the same time. Frustrating!

In the old version, it just scrolled the 6-week "month" view in week-long 

Is this a bug (if so, where do I report it?)? or is it a "feature"? Or am 
I just being very stupid? :) 

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