[Evolution] evo ldap hangs

Hi evo-ers!

I've been using evo for some time, and I've been working around a
problem with ldap for some time.

I've got my main addressbook tucked away in my ldap server, so that I
can get to it from anywhere.  

When I first log in to evolution ( ubuntu hoary), it works pretty
well.  I can type in the 'to' line in the composer window and it will
look up the contacts just fine.  Also, the 'to' button in the composer
window works, as well as hitting the 'contacts' button.

After some number of hours, usually overnight, when I come in to my
office, I can no longer use the ldap server.  It's up and running, but I
have to evolution --force-shutdown, and then restart for things to work

I also have to occasionally --force-shutdown as evo will not mark
messages in my imap account as read, usually happens every couple days
or so.

Any clues as to where to look, or how to enable some kind of logging or
debugging code? 



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