RE: [Evolution] Exchange 2003 Connection

On Thu, 2005-01-20 at 13:19 +0100, AHendriks rdw nl wrote:
I was able to reproduce the bug, i have created a output file with 
'env E2K_DEBUG=4 ${install_prefix}/libexec/evolution-exchange-storage >&

But i don't know where to post the output, can you tell me.

How large is /tmp/exchange.out?

If smaller than a few dozen KB, *attach* it to an email.  Other-
wise, put it on a web server and put a link in your email.

If you don't have write-access to a web server (for example, if
your ISP doesn't give you some personal web space), gzip it and
send it to me.  I'll put it on my web space.  (And *not* link it
to any web pages!!!)
Also, next time when you get the error message "exchange-storage 
quit", attach gdb to evolution-exchange-storage process and take a 
back trace, and file a defect attaching the backtrace.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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