Re: [Evolution] Problem with "Sent" folder

Am Mittwoch, den 19.01.2005, 10:12 +0100 schrieb Felipe Martinez Hermo:

I have just migrated mi email client from kmail to evolution.
Everything works just fine except for one thing: when I try to browse my
sent folder it only shows messages from 2 days ago on. However, if I cat
file ~/.evolution/mail/local/Sent it contains all the messages.
Is this a bug or what? How can it be solved?

I am using Debian testing with gnome 2.8 and evolution 2.0.3

hi felipe,

hmmm... i just could imagine any changes on the following things:
1) check your outgoing filters under "tools" so that you do not move any
messages automatically.
2) check your search view in the search bar right above the message
list, perhaps you have any value in it?
3) check your account preferences under "tools | settings | email
accounts | edit | defaults" and there, your default sent folder! perhaps
it's some other folder then the sent folder you are looking in.

no idea otherwise. :-/


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