[Evolution] Connect to Exchange

Guess this is pretty basic but I can't seem to get authenticated on
the exchange server.
I have just set up a Gentoo workstation at my office and I need it to
connect to my exchange mailstorage (amongst other things, like samba
to join the domain, don't know if it matters in this case though).
Well, first I had a heck of a time just figuring out the rigt way to
configure the darn thing to even talk to the server.  Finally I
figured I was missing something and installed (via portage) the
evolution-data-server and that seemed to help somewhat (even though I
need to restart evolution each time I change the settings).
Now I'm at the stage where I can't figure out two things: the first
one is that international characters in the username don't seem to go
across to the exchange server correctly (I have the is-latin1 in
xorg.conf and western european in evolution) but I don't know if the
server might need some other charset, or which setings to change!?
I got around that one with changing my username on the server but then
the server won't authenticate my user/password (I see the errors in
the server logs), neither when using clear text or secure password.
Can anyone please offer some help with this?

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