Re: [Evolution] evolution and courier-imap-ssl

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 21:34 +0100, Darryl Cousins wrote:

I am using courier-imap-ssl on the server.
Folders are being read by evolution but are showing up as empty in evolution.
The server is not sending the messages. Any clues as to why not?


sending : A00097 SELECT INBOX
received: * FLAGS (\Draft \Answered \Flagged \Deleted \Seen \Recent)
received: * OK [PERMANENTFLAGS (\* \Draft \Answered \Flagged \Deleted \Seen)] Limited
received: * 0 EXISTS
received: * 0 RECENT
received: * OK [UIDVALIDITY 1104660807] Ok
received: * OK [MYRIGHTS "acdilrsw"] ACL
received: A00097 OK [READ-WRITE] Ok

you have no mail. server says so.


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Novell, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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