[Evolution] Exchange server change

Hi, I'm running evolution on a Fedora Core 3 machine.
Versions are:

In mid Jan my company migrate from EXCH 2000 to EXCH 2003.

I change the server name and the secure connection option, and the
mailbox work OK.
The calendar don't work, it shows 2 calendars: Calendar & Calendario,
even after I delete both. When I click on them I see a flash in the
status line with the old exchange server url.
I even delete the exchange server config all together and quit evo. 
When open it again it ask me for my mail accounts as the first time, but
the calendars are still there.

Where are these config kipped ? I search the .evolution folder to no
avail. Even grep all the folder and subfolder for the old url and

Thanks in advance.


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