[Evolution] ASCII version of an HTML table...

I'm increasingly finding that I like being able to compose messages with
HTML tables in them.  They're a really good way of presentation some kinds
of information.

-But-, as I compose them in evolution and send them to multiple readers,
and some of those readers have MUA's that don't render HTML tables by
default, people sometimes (often even) end up reading the ASCII version
of the tables instead.

That'd be fine, except it seems that the ASCII version of these tables
that evolution is presenting isn't especially good.  Specifically, it
seems to be flattening the tables out into a linear list.

Is there any way of improving this - perhaps by getting evo to run an
HTML table through "links -dump" or similar to get a better ASCII version
of the tables, or rather of HTML documents in general, which happens to
include tables?


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