[Evolution] Evolution website lacks info on updating

In trying to update Evolution 2.0 to 2.2, I went to the Evolution website at http://www.gnome.org/projects/evolution/ and noticed
the following. I've been waiting months for someone to notice these
but nothing has changed so I thought I would post here.

- On the home page, link to the codeblog is broken (server refuses connection)

- On the download page, the links to Red Carpet are broken (404)

In general, there is no working mechanism listed under the 'Quick and
Easy' listing on the Evolution website to install or update.

There is no info on how to actually use Red Carpet to install or update Evolution
even if one does have a functioning rc installation. There is nothing on
how one might possibly use more familiar Linux update mechanisms like RPM's
or yum to update Evolution either.

The only mechanism on the download page which has working links
is downloading and compiling from source. As the site says,
this is for 'For those of you in the compiling-from-source know'
which rules out a lot of potential Evolution users.

Are there any plans to update the site? I would have thought the
distribution and update mechanisms would have been more refined
now Evolution is well into 2.x. I'd be happy to add them myself but
I don't know the answers.



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