RE: [Evolution] I don't know how to setup up Evolution to a GAL!?

You can only have one mailbox.
Thats a limit of the current Webdav implementation afaik.
Guess it's actually on the MS side, not Evo.
Is Your Gal server a different machine from Your Exchange box?
If so, what happens if You enter the same entrie as Your Exchange box?


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OK people..  I read the online help.  The thing is, I can recieve and send emails, but I cannot assess the 
Names and Addresses!!  The GAL (Global Access List)?

Plus I am ment to have more than one mailbox added to my account, this is for monitoring support emails?  But 
when I add another mailbox, evolution says I can only have one Exchange Account?

I'm not able to see or except meeting/calender events??

Please HELP.  Our NT Admin Doesn't know enough about Evolution to help me..  I don't know enough about GAL's 
or Active Directory Trees...

Many Thanks

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