[Evolution] there's no "contact list" utility in my evolution client!!

watta strange thing...I'm running evolution -with all the
depencencies- on a slackware 10.1 (linux2.6.0) distro. 
Every seems to be just ok: can send and recive  mails from multiple
acconuts..but there's no refference to the contact list in the entire
mail client.. not in the main menu nor the left-side shortcut bar, in
witch are just 3 buttons: mail, calendar and tasks (all of the text is
in spanish..don't know if it's the spanish-version of evolution, or if
evolution support multiple languages in a single app.)
The only way I can get something 'related' to the contact list is when I
right-click over a mail adress, the context menu gives the option to
save the address in the contact list, but when I try to do so, then
appears a blank window with completely nothing inside it.
I'm looking at a screenshot of evolution from freshmeat.com, and it
doesn't look like mine.. in the screenshot's left-side shortcut bar are
5 buttons: summary, inbox, calendar, tasks and CONTACTS.. but in my
evoluiton client are just 3 (the 3 above listed)..
Any idea what's wrong? 
Is the contcact list a plug-in which must be installed in a different
Thank in advance

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