Re: [Evolution] Folder Handling, conversion Evolution 1.0.0 to 2.2.2

On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 05:24 -0500, Daniel L. Johnson wrote:
I recently upgraded System D from Red Hat 7.3 and Evolution 1.0.0 to

1.0.0, boy, i'm surprised you could even use it.  Maybe it was 1.0.8.

rpath Linux and Evolution 2.2.2 and upgraded System A from Fedora Core 1
and (I don't know which version of Evolution: whatever was current in
Feb 2004) on the other.

This question is about system D.

These 2 conversions are behaving differently, in that 
      - The installation on system D does NOT have an "unread mail (local)
vFolder (and I am unable to create a vFolder when I try),

What does 'unable to create a vfolder' entail?

      - most but not all incoming mail is sorted to a subfolder of 'On This
Computer' (named 'Metastar') rather than to Inbox.  (Some incoming mail
is sorted correctly: that originating from is corrrectly sorted
to the 'Mayo Inbox' subfolder of 'Inbox' and that originating from is correctly sorted to the 'On This
Computer'/'AMCS'/'Aero-Med' subfolder.)

Check your filters, your filter to check from 'mail from account x' must
be catching most or all mail that hits it.  Upgrading stuff from 1.0 is
multiple steps, so any one of them could have a small problem which
messed up the settings.

      - Filters are not applied to unread mail that has been put in the
Metastar folder even after I've read the messages and type Ctrl-Y; I am
able to drag-and-drop them to the correct folder.

Againj check your filters, the moves are probably not referencing
existing folders.

      - When I first converted this system, none of my mail filters were
completely imported: the filter name but not the filter rule was
imported, and I edited all the filters to re-instate the rule.
Sometimes this resulted in evolution complaining 'name already exists'
and I had to rename the rule in order to re-create it.

Overall, it appears that the upgrade of Evolution 2.2.2 somehow failed
to create vfolders and filters properly, while importing old mail and
contacts properly.  (I do not use the calendaring features.)

Yes obviously.  You may simply have to re-create the filters at this

I'm surprised the import failed so badly though.  If you still have your
original ~/evolution data, particularly ~/evolution/config.xmldb and
~/evolution/*.xml, you should file a bug and include that data at least
(not that i can entirely remembre which files are involved).

I'd appreciate any suggestions for diagnosis or treatment (of the
computer, not of me!) :)

1.0.0 particularly is ancient, so the importing from that all the way to
2.2 isn't very tested.

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