[Evolution] Re: Gmail with Evolution

Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 09:58:46 -0300
From: Brian Mury <b mury ieee org>
Subject: Re: [Evolution] Gmail with Evolution
To: evolution lists ximian com
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On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 08:12 +0100, Gordon Burgess-Parker wrote:
Has anyone got this to work?


In the Account Editor, do the following:

Receiving Email tab:
Server Type: POP
Host: pop.gmail.com
Username: gbplinux gmail com
Use Secure Connection: Always
Authenticatino Type: Password

Sending Email tab:
Server Type: SMTP
Host: smtp.gmail.com
Server requires authentication: checked
Use Secure Connection: Always
Authentication Type: PLAIN
Username: gbplinux

Other settings/tabs can be set up however you see fit.

Log in to GMail, click on "Settings" (top right hand corner), then click
on the "Forwarding and POP" tab, and turn on either "Enable POP for all
mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)" or "Enable POP only for
mail that arrives from now on". Again, set other settings however you
see fit. Click on "Save Changes".

I've done all this! When trying to connect to Gmail, the progress bar
just sits right at the beggining and does not move! The same settings
in Thunderbird get an instant download of mail.

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