[Evolution] [OT] MyOSS(Open Source) Magazine - Edition 4 Available Now!

Hi All,

Just wanted to announce that MyOSS Magazine - Edition 4 (The Penguins Are Coming Home)
is now officially hitting the street. This is a community driven project 
which aims to publish monthly. (Sorry if this is considered as spam). 

Promoting FLOSS
There are more than one way to skin a cat. Hence, there are most certainly 
more than one way to promote FLOSS. (Free and Libre Open Source Software). 
This is the what, why and how.

Plamo Linux
This is a Japanised version of Linux that was created to fill a niche by 
Kojima-san way back in 1997. We bring to you an exclusive interview with 
the lead developer of Plamo Linux who offers some insights into this version
of Linux.

Gnome Power Manager
We all know that power management in Linux isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
This is changing nearly on a day to day basis as more and more developers are
focusing on it and this is one area where Richard Hughes, the lead developer 
of Gnome Power Manager is aiming to change.

And More!!

    * Hack In The Box 2005 Security Conference
    * Open Source Developers' Conference
    * RX Packets
    * Tips and Tricks


MyOSS Magazine Team

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