Re: [Evolution] palm sync exchange calendar

If you are using an Exchange 2003 server take a look at the Exchange Connector for the Sync4j server
The beta 2.2 release claims to be able to Sync Calendar and contacts  using a SyncML server (Sync4j) between the Exchange server and the Palm/Treo/Blackberry/Phone/Whatever SyncML compliant client. All you need is an http connection to the Sync server (no problem for the Treos or Phones, and there is some software that allows the cradle to be used as a ppp connection between the Palm and the LAN). The SyncML client for Palm is a commercial product (~$20) from Synthesis

Hope it helps.
On Tue, 2005-03-29 at 20:47 -05, Aaron Gaudio wrote:

>From one Treo owner to another: check out

Good luck!

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