[Evolution] Removing read mail with 'extreme prejudice'

Good morning (at least out here on Vancouver Island!)

Evolution steadfastly holds mail after it is read or marked as spam, but
does not remove the transferred mail from the /var/spool/mail/ folders
after having done so.

I am in the habit of doing a cat /dev/null on the /var/spool/mail/[user]
to trigger a 'no mail' flag on the bottom tool bar. There is, of course,
a chance of destroying an incoming unread message, but experience has
shown me that is rather unlikely.

Once incoming mail is copied to evolution's folders, or as it is being
copied, is there not a provision somewhere to remove
the /var/mail/spool/[user] contents to avoid this manual intercession?

Not an earth-shaking problem, but it would be nice to have it fully
automated. I have learned to trust and 'love' evolution, so I would not
fear delegating my god-like root powers. (Please note the lower case 'g'
is intentional!)

Thanks, and have a rewarding day.


G. Walsh,
Managing Director,
DSC Directional Services Corp.,
Victoria, B.C., Canada  V8V 2Y1

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