[Evolution] Newbie help: "The Item in the calendar is not valid"


I'm an Evolution newbie running v2.2.1.1 installed from the
FreeBSD ports collection, interoperating with an office full of
Outlook users with an Exchange Server as well as a few other
Evolution users.

All seems to be working nicely with the exception that Evolution
doesn't seem to understand vCalendar files generated by MS
Outlook/Exchange. The error when receiving an email with an ICS
file attached is "The Item in the calendar is not valid.  The
message does contain a calendar, but the calendar contains no
events, tasks or free/busy information". Mozilla Thunderbird
successfully parses the vCalendar file and displays a link to
the Exchange web interface if I retrieve the same email with
IMAP. Also users using Evolution 2.0.4 installed as a Fedora
package seem to be able to parse the vCalendar files OK so I'm
wondering if there is something else I need to install/configure
on my particular client that I've missed. All other Exchange
functionality is working fine.

Could anyone point me in the right direction in troubleshooting
this? I've had a look through the online Users Manual, the
Evolution help files and quick look at Bugzilla and haven't
managed to find anything.

I've attached an example vCalendar file from an Outlook user
accepting a request for a meeting that I made using Evolution
that spits out the above error.

Thanks for your help.


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