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JP Rosevear <jpr novell com>
Novell, Inc.
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The migration of Evolution bugs to bugzilla.gnome.org is complete.  

Over 40,000 bugs from the Evolution, Evolution-Data-Server,
evolution-sharp, GtkHtml, GAL, Soup and Connector bugzilla products have
been moved.  Bug numbers have all changed according to the following

        new_bgo_bug_number = old_bxc_bug_number + 200000
Bugzilla.ximian.com will now redirect show_bug.cgi queries for bugs in
the migrated products to bugzilla.gnome.org.  Bug-buddy mails sent to
bugzilla.ximian.com are automatically forwarded to bugzilla.gnome.org as

I've updated the website (gnome.org/projects/evolution/bugs.shtml) as

Many thanks to Olav Vitters for all his hard work to make this happen!


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