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Had the very same problem. I solved it like this:
Delete the account in Evo
Re-create using the "ximian-connector-2-setup" (not sure of exact name)
Do NOT change anything in the settings dialog.
If You need to adjust settings, follow this tread in bugzilla and it's solution:


fre 2005-04-01 klockan 08:39 +0100 skrev Victor Warner:
OS: Linspire 5.0.59. Connectiong to my firm's network system through 
VPN. Network: Windows 2003 Server. Exchange Server 2003. Have installed 
Evolution 2.0.2 with Exchange Connector. OWA on Exchange Server 2003 is 
enabled, and can access Outlook through a web browser 

I have tried to connect to Exchange Server 2003 in Evolution I get one 
of two error messages:

1. 'Error while Scanning folders in "Exchange server". 
Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process: No such file or 
directory'; or

2. I am asked for my password, and after entering it: 'Could not 
authenticate to server. (Password incorrect?) Enter password for Victor 
Warner at Andyton'.

What settings I have entered are reproduced below.

I would be grateful for any help in getting connected to Exchange Server.

Victor Warner


Under Tools/Settings and Edit for the account:

Under Receiving Mail Tab: Configuration:
Exchange Server:
Windows Username: victor

Under Receiving Mail Tab: Security:
Use Secure Connection (SSL): Always
Authentication Type: Plaintext Password

Under Receiving Options: Global Address List/Active Directory:
Global Catalog server name:

Under Receiving Options: Exchange Server:
Mailbox name: victor warner
OWA path: /exchange
Public Server server:

I have tried some alternative settings for the above, but to no effect.

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