Re: [Evolution] Importing from KMail -- Lost Messages

Just for everyones info, Rob sent me a test file which wasn't "working".

Infact, it did import every message, it is just that most messages are marked as deleted.

The messages in question have a X-Mozilla-Status header entry with bit 3 set, which the evolution importer reads a 'expunged', and translates into the evolution 'deleted' flag.

So the behaviour doesn't seem that unreasonable to me.

There is one blank message but that is already in the file as two "From " lines in sequence.

On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 17:10 -0500, Rob Matlack wrote:
I would like to import my mail from KMail to Evolution. My KMail folders are 
in MBox format. I have tried simply copying the folders to the correct 
Evolution location, importing with automatic detection, and importing with 
MBox selected. All three have the same results--I lose emails. In one folder 
of about 50 I lost about 12. They seem to come in as blank emails, no body, 
no headers. I have compacted the folder before importing. I understand that 
there are different MBox formats.

Any suggestion or will I just have to give up on importing into Evolution? I 
could convert all the folders to MailDir, but what good would that do?

BTW. I couldn't figure out how to search the archives for this topic.

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