Re: [Evolution] Automating the inclusion of a "date" field when composing / replying to an email

To be honest, i've never, ever seen anything like this before.  It just looks like a bug to me, some random numbers at the top of the message (it isn't in a typical date format, and is locale specific to boot).

But currently there is no way to do anything like this, other than patching the source.

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 12:10 -0500, John Moore (Linux Server) wrote:

I know that when someone receives an email, the date that it is sent can be found in the header.  However, it is much easier for the person to quickly find the date that you sent or replied to an email if it is at the top.  I do this out of habit (as in this message).  However, I must manually do it (just like in Outlook..ugh).  Is there a way to automate the inclusion of a date in the composition of an email?

Thanks for your help,

John Moore
Manager, IS
Quality Care for Children
Atlanta, Georgia

Database Server:  Fedora Core 3

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