Re: [Evolution] szncing with palm on evo 2_

On Fri, Oct 15, 2004 at 03:02:13PM +0200, Alexandre Aractingi wrote:
Le vendredi 15 octobre 2004 à 08:56 -0400, Matt Price a écrit :
Hey folks, I've just stated using Evo 2.0.2 (debian expeimental
packages) and like it a lot.  I'm having touble syncing mz palm
though...  Baically, I can't figure out how to tell evo/gnome-pilot to
actually do the sync! I can activate the gnome-pilot options menu &
send/get the palm ID, but that's it.  I'm running evo under xfce4, not
gnome, and I can't seem to get gnome-pilot-applet to actually run.  Is
there some trick I'm missing?

Did you install the Evolution conduits?

umm...  I have the debian package "gnome-pilot-conduits" version
2.0.10 installed.  I've attached the  list of files that package
installs... Can't tell if the evolution conduits are included.  I
don't see anything else within debian that would qualify as an
"evoution-conduits" package.  Do I need to grab some upstream binaries
or something?

Matt Price          matt price utoronto ca
History Department, University of Toronto
(416) 978-2094

please don't use the following addresses:  zeus derailleur org
aardvark derailleur org

Attachment: conduits
Description: files installed w/ gnoe-pilot-conduits

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