Re: [Evolution] evolution default mailbox format

I have recently installed evolution 2.0 and I simply love it!
But I wonder why this new version doesn't allow to convert the local
mailbox format to a Maildir as in the old 1.4.x versions. When the
mailbox hold LOTS of messages and you need to expunge the marked emails,
it takes AGES to finish the process. This is handled in a much better
way with Maildirs...
*shrug*  maildir vs mailbox both have drawbacks, for the sake of implementability we chose one method.  maybe in the future it will be an option, but for various reasons it isn't that easy to implement yet.  So yes, we're aware of the issues, it was just a pragmatic decision.
I noticed that one could create an entirely new email account with an
inbox in Maildir format but that's of no use if you don't set up a
system such as fetchmail (which requires you to set up a local SMTP for
local delivery)! Plus, one would also have to reintegrate spamassassin
with the local delivery system! 
You just setup another account for however you get your mail, and just use filters to copy the mail to the maildir tree as appropriate, adding a default rule that runs last which just copies any remaining messages to the maildir inbox.

So at most you just need to setup 1 new account (which covers everyone who have system-delivery/procmail via maildir), and 1 filter rule to move everything into it.

The easiest 'match all' rule is:

[_expression_] [#t]

[move to folder] [maildir:/.]

where _expression_ is '_expression_', and not regular _expression_ (i really must add a 'match everything' rule one day).

There must be a way to get around this...
There is, it isn't too much pain, i think ...
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