[Evolution] evolution/exchange: no Inbox...

As mentioned earlier, I cannot connect with my inbox 
Fehler bei folgendem Vorgang: 
  Ordner exchange://kai andresen 10 10 1 5/personal/Posteingang wird 
Could not get new messages 
and not with my calendar 
  Der Ordner in "exchange://kai andresen 10 10 1 5/personal/
Kalender" konnte nicht geöffnet werden 
I can send emails, and I do see my current tasks, though. 
It seems starnge to me, that within the error message German words 
are being used. Shouldn't evolution look for "inbox" and "calendar", 
rather than "Posteingang" and "Kalender" ??  
This occurs on a SuSE 9.0 system with 
connected with 
 Exchange 2003  
 Windows 2000 Server 
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