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Hi everyone ...

release 0.0.2 of evo15-ogo is there ...

Not too much news. Only some clean ups of the gtype/gobject stuff. It
starts looking like a real libogo now :-)

Hopefully Sven really sees his as an improvement ;-)

The proxy configuration is now read from gconf settings (changes when
you change them) instead of "http_proxy".

Grab it if you like:



        check it out from the ogo cvs
                module: evolution
                subdir: evolution15-ogo

Maybe "someone" can make debs *looking for Stephane*  ;-) 

PS: If you like the proxy, you can have this also for eds
((http://dentrassi.de/eds). I'm waiting for the patch to be accepted or
rejected by the evolution team. Which might also show how they would
accept evo-ogo patches :-)

Jens Reimann <ctron dentrassi de>
ICQ: 119027938

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