Re: [Evolution] jalali and hejri calendar support

Am Fr, den 21.05.2004 schrieb J.Nejati um 15:40:
We have just finished developing a new and complete jalali (Persian)
and hejri (Arabic) calendar routines in c .

We are interested in merging it in evolution.

Any idea will be appreciated.


the first idea that came up to me is either to contact the appropriate
translation team which you can find at
<> -
but since i wildly guess that this is much more an i18n issue (i
personally don't know anything about arabic calendars, sorry), please
support much more information!: what exactly did you do, what are the
differences towards the normal western calendars etc...

your ask for help is a bit too general - and i'm pretty sure someone
will help you if it would be more clear where to start helping...


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