Re: [Evolution] error on .vcf (vcards) import

V Pá, 14. 05. 2004 v 15:31, Stan Pinte píše:

when importing a lot of vcards, the export fails, without message...and 
no contact is imported.

when I export just one or two vcards, it works.

it is a know issue:, 
since 6 months!

any idea on how to debug this? the problem is that the importing process 
runs as a corba server, detached from evolution...

I would like to get an error message, saying which vcard is faulty...

Well, don't know if you find it as usefull workaround, but you could use
a script which Guenther posted few month ago (see to split it to separate vcard files 
and then try to import one by one.

If it's not a good advice, just forget it :-)

Nice weekend


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