Re: [Evolution] Mail Delivery (failure evolution ximian com)

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 08:51, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
søn, 16.05.2004 kl. 23.15 skrev Michael C. Neel:

I recieved this same email (it was sent to the list), and it is a spam/virus
email.  I recall it because I was curious what the mime type was that caused
evolution to not display it.  Upon looking at the source, the entire email
was faked (and I'm glad to know evolution doesn't decide on it's own to hide
content from me!).  The html pointed the link an .src file, no doubt to be
invoked by Windows as a screensaver.  I even called in our sysadm to show
him, so he would be aware of the level the virus emails are going to.

I'm refusing at least one message per day to me from the Evo list, each
with an assorted Microsoft attachment, hardly ever the same type. I
can't see whose poster's name is forged, since I never accept the

I'm running this Evo (1.4) on a test machine (actually a Compaq notebook
running RedHat RHEL 3 Enterprise Server :) that's also a test bed for
smtp and IMAP mail servers. It receives its mail from the Internet and I
get to make all policy and and write the filters for incoming mail - and
refuse it if I don't want it.

I've read (OOo list) that Evo's being ported to Windows as a matter of
priority, so the virus/worm merchants are probably sharpening their
teeth for the day it gets released :)

this would be news to us evo devs... I haven't seen any win32 patches or
anything and Ximian sure isn't doing it...



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