Re: [Evolution] Evo: backing up & restoring to new machine

Hi Melissa,

I do this on a regular basis with 1.4.x as I often need to take my mail
to a different machine on a separate network.

I backup (tar.gz) the entire /home/<user>/evolution folder and the
/home/<user>/.gnome2_private/Evolution file and then put this on the
media (CD or Memory Stick).

If the PC you are moving to has not been setup for Evolution, just
restore the files to the same location.

If it is already setup, just restore the /home/user/evolution/local
folder or sub-folders which contain the actual data stores.

The problem with this process is that it is limited to 8 accounts, any
further account details are lost. Anyone else have an answer for me as
to why?


Craig A.

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 21:16, melissad speakeasy net wrote:
having experienced a major hard disk and power supply issue this
weekend, I finally want to ask this list what I have been wanting to
know definitively since Evo 1.1.x.  How can I move my mail, including
folders and contacts to a CD, and then to another machine, or what do
I need to do to copy to a CD or flash drive and restore after
re-installing Linux on a different HDD.
I have had zero success at this in the past.  Would appreciate a
step-by-step from anyone who has had success.

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