[Evolution] Error while Opening folder (Inbox)

I just installed the new free version of Connector and configured my email preferences for Evolution. When I 
start it up the first thing it does is:

Scanning for changed messages

which counts up to 100% with no problems. Then it moves onto:

Fetching summary information for new messages

which never moves off of 0%. It stays there for around a minute or so (maybe a little less) and then pops up 
a window with the following error:

Error while 'Opening folder exchange://<user>@<host>/personal/Inbox':
Could not get new messages

(username and hostname editted out)

Also, when I try to open the calendar I get the following pop-up:

Could not open the folder in 'exchange://<user>@<host>/personal/Calendar'

(again, username and hostname editted out)

If I select Contacts, they are there.

So it looks like I'm partially connected, but something is still wrong.

Are there any obvious things for me to check? Is it possible it's the configuration on Outlook Web that could 
be giving me problems?


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