OT,Re: [Evolution] Connector GPLed!!!

Oh come on...

give credit where it should be.

Novell has done some great things lately

GPLed Connector,
Spent time and money on Mono (By buying Ximian)
OSS Yast
Spent time and money on Suse (by buying them)
Spent time and money on Evolution (By buying Ximian)
OSSed iFolder and spent time and money on it.
Spent time and money on Groupwise support in evolution and also
opensourced that.
I'm sure there is more.

Nobody expects them to opensource everything they do.

If this is all they every do for the opensource community it's
substantial and they should be applauded.  If they do more, that's even

There are other great large companies doing great things for linux and
opensource as well, IBM (jfs, eclipse and more), SGI (xfs for example)
and Sun (openoffice.org and more) to name a few.  Nobody expects these
companies to do everything opensource.  What they have done is great and
we should all be thankful.  I can't see the "CLASH" anywhere, they do
and they should create both opensource and none-opensource software.


On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 16:58, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
tir, 11.05.2004 kl. 17.59 skrev D. D. Brierton:


You guys rock!

Don't fool yourself. Novell has a number of outstanding issues to settle
with Microsoft, going back several years (NDS offered to Microsoft,
Microsoft's refusal and developing AD was one, there are many others).

Novell wants Exchange out and GroupWise and SuSE's OpenExchange in
(which though?) Novell wants to take over from Windows as the
application server base of choice.

Ask yourself what other, altruistic, commitments Novell will make to the
Open Source community. eDirectory is on of the most magnificent tools
currently available on the server market. Novell has said that this will
be made available for Linux (hint, hint, it already was). Will it be
available, source code and all, as an alternative to Openldap? With an
Open Source developer base? I doubt it. Novell has to earn real money,
after all these years.

Not that I have anything against this - I was always a NetWare (since
2.0 and and UnixWare since 1.0) person and had much affection for
Novell. But Novell's and Open Source's philosophies  C L A S H 
irrevocably. Or someone will have to convince me that there really *are*
fairies at the end of my yard/bottom of my garden.


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