Re: [Evolution] displaying additional headers but not FULL headers

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 14:11 +0800, Carl Gherardi wrote:
On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 13:41 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> Looks weird.  thats got different boundary parts than it was sent
> with.

Yeah, a touch frustrating - go to read a response and all you see is the
mailing list footer.

> What mail server are you using?

Symantec SMTP for gateways(Virus Check) -> SurfControl(Spam and virus)
-> Exchange 2000 -> Evolution via IMAP

Oh dear.  Well i would suggest something along that line is corrupting the multipart.  Any chance for you to selectively disable some of the virus checkers?  I doubt exchange is the problem.

>   Whatever it is, its messing up the multipart/alternative by adding
> the "postface" data after the multipart - which isn't part of the
> multipart - into another part at the end of the multipart.

> So the MUA is just showing the last alternative it knows how to handle
> - which happens to be just the mailing list footer.

Any particular reason it only displays the last alternative and not all?
Yes - its precisely the way you're supposed to do it :)

You don't want every one of my emails to come through with two bits of content for example, one in plain text and the other in html.

And, e.g., from RFC 2046:

5.1.4.  Alternative Subtype

   The "multipart/alternative" type is syntactically identical to
   "multipart/mixed", but the semantics are different.  In particular,
   each of the body parts is an "alternative" version of the same

   Systems should recognize that the content of the various parts are
   interchangeable.  Systems should choose the "best" type based on the
   local environment and references, in some cases even through user
   interaction.  As with "multipart/mixed", the order of body parts is
   significant.  In this case, the alternatives appear in an order of
   increasing faithfulness to the original content.  In general, the

Freed & Borenstein          Standards Track                    [Page 24]
RFC 2046                      Media Types                  November 1996

   best choice is the LAST part of a type supported by the recipient
   system's local environment.


And why only on Jeffreys mail... Can someone attach a "pristine" copy of
one of his mails to me for testing?

Good question.  I guess something must be different about it.  I certainly couldn't see anything obvious.

I'll send you a gzip'd one directly in a sec (well the one i got through the list, which should be pristine enough).


Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>

Ximian Evolution and Free Software Developer

Novell, Inc.

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