[Evolution] changing the appearance of evolution by editing gtkrc


There is only one way to influence the appearance of evolution and that
is through editing gtkrc manually.
It would be great if there was a utility that did this.

for example I use the Ocean-Dream theme which is a derivative of the
'LighthouseBlue' theme.
this can be edited in /usr/share/themes/LighthouseBlue/gtk-2.0/gtkrc,

in that file editing the several colors for 'base' 'text' and 'bg' gives
you some control over the environment.
I had to open 'gnome-control-center' / 'themes' and toggle the theme to
see the changes,

now I've got evolution looking how I want it.

kind regards,
Luke (Terry) Vanderfluit 
Mobile: 0421 276 282     

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