Re: [Evolution] Replying mail - writing backwards!

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 00:26, Per Thomas Jahr wrote:
I just got an email that behaves strangely when I hit the Reply button.
The mail composer window comes up as normal but when I start to write,
each letter is placed to the left of the previous letter - so I write
backwards. Nice feature :-)

To write the normal way I would have to use the format menu and choose
normal text (Ctrl + T).

Anyone else seen this? I'm afraid I can't forward the email but it's
mixed content (html, gif's).

        FWIW, I saw this one time in a 1.4.6 snapshot about a month ago.  It
only happened once, and I couldn't reproduce it in a deliberate way, so
I didn't pursue it.  If it happens again, and I can figure out a good
way to reproduce it, I'll file a bug.


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