[Evolution] [Fwd: [OGo-Evolution] First release (0.0.1) for Evolution 1.5]

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since I got some troubles logging in to the OGO developer site (maybe
I'm just to stupid *g*) I decided to put the first release of the
Evolution OGO Connector on my little server until I figured out how to
log in ;-)


It is a rewrite (from scratch) for Evolution 1.5. The binary RPMS are
compiled for Fedore Core 2 Test 3 but you should be able to rebuild it
under any other distribution (hopefully).

The connector is based on the original sources of the
"evolution-data-server" which makes the evolution-ogo connector GPL.

Don't expect too much at the moment. All that I know that is working is:
 - Read out address book storage
 - Use http proxy
 - authenticate
 - create new accounts

Check out the README file. You will need it for now ;-)

hope to hear from you

have fun!!


PS: Thanks to all the people that helped me getting a start into
evolution and ogo!!

Jens Reimann <ctron dentrassi de>
ICQ: 119027938

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