Re: [Evolution] Popup notification windows in 1.5 ?

On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 17:48 -0400, John Affleck wrote:
So I just moved from 1.4.5 to and so far I'm reasonably happy,
but I'm wondering if there's an option (or a planned option) to bring
back the old 'pop-up a window in the user's face'-style reminder.  The
notification area widget thing is pretty cool, but there's no way I'm
going to notice it when there's a pressing need for me to do so.  I
guess I could create a larger notification area, but that seems a
little silly.

A work around for now might be to make a reminder that executes an
external application with a notification window.

Program:   zenity
Arguments: --info --text "Hello World"

Seems ideally suited to this task.

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