Re: [Evolution] notification - is there a way in evolution? (newbie)

Am Do, den 06.05.2004 schrieb John Que um 20:09:
Is there a way that , like in outlook, when a mail arrives, there will 
a little rectangle at the corner of the screen specifiying a new maill 
arrived (and this
rectangle disappears when the mail is read).

Or is it only a wishful thinking?


it is already implemented in the development (=unstable!) version of
evolution, 1.5.x. you also need gnome 2.6 (if i understood everything
my advice would be: wait until 2.0 gets released and then use it.
evolution also has some other possibilities to inform you, take a look
at your email options. in evolution 1.4.6, you can play a sound file or
beep if you get mail.


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