Re: [Evolution] addressbook and remote display

On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 01:12, Dan Stromberg wrote:
I use imap, but I still end up wanting to remote display in order to get
my addressbook consistent, and to get the same virtual folders.  I want
consistency, irrespective of where I'm sitting.

Recently, my addressbook doesn't work when remote displaying though. 
When I type a name while remote displaying over DSL to home, evo never
shows any completions.  Go back to work, and completions work fine

Why might this be?  Is there a solution?

I store my address book on the LDAP server at work, and access it over
the same SSH tunnel as my IMAP mail and the work SMTP server. It works
well - and evo supports writing to an LDAP directory, so it's nice and
easy to use.

You'll want to make sure to include the 'evolutionperson.schema' in your
LDAP server schema set to get full functionality. With OpenLDAP, just
copy it to the 'schema' directory of your LDAP config directory
(typically /etc/ldap/schema or /etc/openldap/schema), and add an
appropriate include line to the top of slapd.conf.

Craig Ringer

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