Re: [brockert] [Evolution] Print Error with Evolution


Thanks, after months trying to get printing to work, it does.

The ist kept telling us(printer problem people) that gnome-print-manager
was the problem........joe

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 07:57, Wise, Jeremey wrote:
I thought I posted a question, but I can not find the thread to post my
update and resolution. 

Original question was that printing from Evolution 1.4 on SuSE 9.0 KDE
would not work. I was having to cut and paste documents into kwrite or
Ooo to get my emails to print. What was interesting was that the jobs
woiuld hit the local CUPS queue and then start feeding into the buffer
of the printer (data light indicating job coming in). The queue would
empty then the printer buffer would just empty without printing (or an
error). Normaly I would blame CUPS or the Printer if it wasn't for the
fact that it was Evolution only having the issue. 

This weekend I figured it out. The issue is that Evolution (or maybe it
is an underlying KDE thing) had the printer set to paper type A4 instead
of US Letter. Once I changed that the printing worked. What is still an
issue is that I have to keep changing that setting for every print. This
is kind of irritating. I thought that the app just handed off the job to
the print spooler for formating but aparently I what I think is wrong. I
am poking around in evolution to see if their are any printer
configuration settings I can force to keep the paper type at US Letter.

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