Re: [Evolution] Is it just me?

On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 18:47, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
I'm at present refusing 2-3 per day *claiming* to be from this list (my
Postfix logs say so). The reason's long and involved, but I can't
readily check whether this is "backscatter" (Wietse Venema word for
false MAIL FROM:s) or whether they really do come from the Evo list.

I have received several messages containing attachments from this list
with Austin Gonyou's e-mail address as the sender's address.

I have been trying to write a rule to catch these but have so far been
unsuccesful (I have a pop3 account so I can't reject them).  I have
noticed that all faked messages contain a received header containing:
"" while none of the messages Austin wrote
contain this header.

I tried a rule that looks for Austin's e-mail address and this specific
header but I must be doing something wrong.  Can anybody explain how
this must be specified?

Perhaps these kind of checks can be run at the mailing list server?

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