Re: [Evolution] Weird Cyrillic-related bug

not a lot of use here ,has anyone opened a bug in

note we wont fix it for <1.5, but i suspect it's there too, since none
of the relevent code has changed at all, afaik.

On Mon, 2004-03-15 at 15:36 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote:


Am So, den 04.01.2004 schrieb Mikhail Ramendik um 11:32:
Evolution has a weird Cyrillic-related bug. It was in 1.2.3. It is in
1.4.5. (A part of the subject line gets duplicated under certain

reopening this thread since i could verify this bug in evo1.2.4 and also
in evolution-
this *IS* an evolution bug, since this misbehaviour already takes place
in my outbox/drafts so i do not have to send the message at all, just
save it to disk!
gpg-signing does not matter.

mikhail, did you already fill a bug report to bugzilla? if, could you
pass the url or bug number?

how to reproduce it:

set the subject of a new email to: "у Генпрокурату"
(no idea what this means, by the way, i just wrote anything...)

if i set the subject just to one word or if i put a space in front of
the word, "Генпрокурату" or " Генпрокурату", there isn't any
misbehaviour, but just adding a word in front of the last word with the
last letter being also cyrillic (e.g. "zу Генпрокурату", the letter "z"
is latin and not cyrillic, but you could also put anything cyrillic
there instead of "z"), will get parts of the last word duplicated.

if i put only latin letters like "z" in front of the last word (e.g. "z
Генпрокурату"), nothing is duplicated.

also if i cut off the last letter and set the subject to "у
Генпрокурат", everything's as expected, so i suggest that a word being
duplicated needs at least 12 letters.

when *editing it*, it does not matter which codeset i choose.
it also does not matter to change the charset when *viewing* it, so it
must be a problem when saving the mail from the composer to the

now really interested what is wrong here, example mail attached...

До свидания,

андрей  ;-)

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