[Evolution] Solution to search-bar corruption problem

When I installed Evolution via apt-get on my Libranet (Debian-based distro) box, the search-bar box above the e-mail list pane did not have the usual drop-down list of fields to search (sender, subject, etc.), nor could I input text into the text area.

The one solution offered on this list didn't fix the problem.

However, my Linux geek brother managed to fix it by simply having me re-name the Evolution directory in my home directory. I re-named it Evolution_old, and re-started Evolution. Then I immediately saw that the search-bar situation was fixed. From that point I used the File | Import facility to import the various mbox files to the new directory. Problem solved.

I mention this because apparently I wasn't the only person suffering from the problem.

Seth Williamson
Daleville, VA

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