Re: [Evolution] Sooo many problems with the exchange connector

Did you bugzilla your problems?  The Ximian folks have been excellent in the past at zapping bugs, but they have to know about them first.  What exchange server are you running?

Not sure about the memory issue - I've been using connector since it first came out, and it's never had any problems like that - for me, that is, on various flavours of SuSE Linux.

Speed problems with things like changing folders have been seen before.  I seem to remember that there is an issue with the hosts file. If you add your machine's hostname to the loopback line as an alias, there can be a dramatic speedup. There was another issue about having no blank or comment lines in the hosts file either, but I don't think that's related.

As a general comment, you'll get better answers if you post details - OS version, machine specs, Evo/Connector versions, tracebacks (You can set a variable, CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG to 1 in a shell and then run evolution to get more feedback), any other info.


On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 09:07, Oliver Marshall wrote:
I have numerous problems with the connector. Is it possible its
something other than the connector at fault? Such as the exchange server
not setup to its liking or something?

Problems I have include (but not limited to)

Massive memory usage. Memory usage (using Gnome Sytem Monitor looking at
the Evolution-Exchange-storage process) seems to be about the same as
the contents of a folder, so if the folder contains 250mb of emails, the
process seems to take that much space. We have some folders with tens of
thousands of emails and Evolution just dies viewing these folders

Amazingly slow. Flicking between folders takes about 30 mins or more at
the moment, and this is viewing folders with 10 emails or 10,000. 

Emails sent never arrive. Emails sent from evolution using exchange
server don't show in the outbox of evolution, nor the sent items in
evolution, nor the outbox or sent items of OWA or an outlook client.
Most of the test emails never arrive at their destination, but we have
received one of them which was received (and also oddly sent according
to the sent items folder) about 15hours after the user sent it.

Moving between folder triggers Exchange AV runs. Each time a user
changes folders, it causes Exchange to scan that folder with the AV
package (Symantec Corporate AV 8.6 though we are moving to Trends
Corporate soon) resulting in users getting a spate of "Cannot scan email
due to encrypted attachment" mails which are common when forcing a scan
of a mailbox. This could be related to the amazing slow speed of
changing folders.

There are more, but my fingers hurt from typing ! :)

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